Tine Fey, George Clooney, Lady Gaga

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Time for the results from our the last few rounds of our fave little game of life!

Obviously we're talking about Ditch, Do or Marry! And this time we're rounding up some multi-gender lovin' ladies, some uber yumsicle older lads and some seasoned SNL funnyladies. Mix ‘em all together and we've got quite the combination!

So now it's time to reveal your desires, i.e., which celebs you'd kick to the curb, which you'd bring to the bedroom and which you'd take home to meet mommy:

There's No "Bad Romance" Happening With Lady Gaga!
Maybe she's not good enough with a disco stick, because over 66 percent of you wanted to ditch Lady Gaga.

Tough luck to the bisexual popstar, but we're sure she has bigger things to worry about. Instead, Southern belle Sookie Stackhouse swept up most of your hearts (and votes), ‘cause Anna Paquin's girl-next-door vibe made you want to get on one knee and seal the deal. Of course, this left her very do-able onscreen vamp counterpart, Evan Rachel Wood, to keep your hormones raging.

George Clooney Returns to His Bangable Bachelor Life!
As if it wasn't obvious enough already. Now that George Clooney has ditched Elisabetta Canalis, you readers are positive that the notorious bachelor can still bed you whenever he wants.

And while we thought you would be so upset over the absence of the early grayer, Anderson Cooper, turns out you loudly declared a certain NCIS investigator to be our missing silver link. As one reader of many voiced, "Um, where's Mark Harmon in this story?! He's the ultimate silver fox. He gets better looking and sexier with age."

Our bad, babes! But from our mucho-sexy older men included, over half of you would still gladly tie the knot with the gritty Jeff Bridges, while Harrison Ford got the boot. Better luck next time, Indiana Jones!

Tina Fey Jokes Her Way to the Altar!
"Sheesh, they are all really great, how do you pick or rule any out?" One sad soul commented on our funnyladies round. And we totally agree—we heart each of these women, which just makes it so much harder to choose.

That said, out of all these gorgeous comediennes, 30 Rock's Tina Fey is the one that 75 percent of you want to call your wifey. Guess Liz Lemon's klutzy, sandwich loving, flip-flop hating shtick actually works for you guys and gals!

Sadly, we can't say the same for the hi-lar-ious Maya Rudolph, because y'all ditched the babe real quick. Instead you'll snuggle up (and then some) with her Bridesmaids costar Kristen Wiig any day—cause she was the maid of honor voted most doable!

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