Nikki Reed, Tom Felton

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Our Twi-Potter tournament continues, with daily duels between the two smash-hit franchises. So who has the best not-so-evil villains, Harry Potter or Twlight?

It's the battle of the reluctant baddies:

Rosalie Hale: The Cullen's adopted daughter is beautiful and used to men wanting her. When Edward doesn't show any interest in her yet falls in love with a mere human, Rosalie's hostile side comes out. She is consistently mean to Bella and doesn't want to help the family save her. Later we find out about how her past has made her this way and we get a look at how Rosalie (Nikki Reed) isn't all that bad.

Draco Malfoy: Harry's Hogwarts nemesis doesn't try to hide how evil he is. Between constantly calling Hermione a mudblood, picking on Harry and trying to kill Dumbledore, Draco (Tom Felton) is determined to prove he's as bad as is father, Lucious. Despite all the terrible things he does, we get glimpses of how Draco isn't so much bad, though, as he is just trying to make his Death Eater daddy proud.

Twi-Potter Tournament: Round 11
Which not-so-terrible bad guy is more relateable?
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