Joe Jonas, Ashley Greene


Dear Ted:
So I have a question regarding Joe Jonas' new song. Do you also get the feeling he is insinuating Ashley Greene cheated, or am I reading it all wrong? Is it possibly about another ex? For some reason it seems like it's her. Do you have any insight as to why they broke up?

Dear Video Girl:
You may get an Ashley Greene-vibe from watching the vid ‘cause the gal in it looks very Ashley Greene-esque. And while J.J. is cleverly trying to drum up some controversy for the song, à la Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" or any Taylor Swift song, I seriously doubt his heart still needs mending from the twosome's split. Things weren't as serious as they wanted you to believe.

Dear Ted:
Why is Ashton Kutcher doing a sudden turnaround from brotastic, rom-com leading man thing to philanthropic, George Clooney-wannabe, Mr. Charitable? Is it because Demi Moore is afraid that he's cheating?

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Dear From Kutch to Butch:
What's with all the cheating accusations today, babe? But no, A.K.'s newfound nobleman shtick is less a result of dubious suspicions on his wifey's part and has more to do with the fact that people were sick of his Punk'd crap. Now, he's earning leading-man status in rom-coms and is acting the part.

Dear Ted:
Just finished watching The Voice finale and I have a huge crush on Adam Levine! Supertalented and sexy as hell. He seems like a good guy. What's the scoop on L.A.'s resident hipster?

Dear All About Adam:
You don't earn a bad-boy rep in this town for nothing. While Adam definitely isn't the one making a naughty splash at his latest gig, he's certainly got a few sexy skeletons in his closet. But really, the dude is so damn good-looking (and not afraid to get nekkid) does it even matter?

Dear Ted:
What is really going on between Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively? They were really PRing it at first with photos around Europe, but lately things have slowed down. Is he really as into her as people say he is, or was this whole relationship merely PR for Green Lantern?
—Curious Cat

Dear Burned Out:
I wouldn't say merely PR, but both halves of the blink-and-you-missed-‘em power couple knew that flaunting their flirtfest definitely wouldn't hurt the superhero flick's box-office bucks. Trust, you haven't seen the last of DiLively; they're just playing coy for a hot H'wood sec.

Dear Ted:
Are Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois a past or present Disney couple?

Dear Parental Control:
While neither Sall nor Per are strangers to the Mouse House fam, I wouldn't consider them a "Disney couple" by any means. Know what I mean?

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