Blind Vice diva

Hostess with the mostess Anita Sunshine is known for her strong views and mostly cheery disposition. 

And while the chatty Kathy has been known to spar with her fellow showmates, nothing has ever been this big of an issue behind the scenes of the chatfest.

Well, until now, that is.

You see, these très-loyal cohosts used to be practically inseparable, even hanging out when the cameras stopped rolling! But it appears the glory days are over...

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Turns out Anita's cohost wants to move on to greener pastures—ya know, pastures without Anita.

Oh and by greener, you bet your ass we mean money-wise. Anita's friend turned frenemy is looking at cashing in a serious paycheck if the next gig works out right. We're talking big-time Hollywood bucks here, peeps.

And Anita ain't happy about it!

In fact, she's downright pissed. And so is the rest of the show's team, who feel like Anita's right-hand guy or gal will be deserting everything they have built together.

But Anita's partner in crime already has one foot out the door, so it's just a matter of time before we hear what network this personality will be popping up on next!

We would watch out tho, Anita may seem all sugar and spice, but we wouldn't put it past this broad to seek some sort of revenge.

We're sure we'll be seeing you again real soon, Anita!

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