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Dear Ted:
I have not been able to find much info regarding the filming of the Hunger Games, such as gossip from the set, drama, cast hookups, ya know the juicy stuff that really matters! Since those photos got leaked and then pulled offline, all seems oddly quite on the filming front. Seems to me the studio would like a few leaks here and there to keep interest going. Have you heard anything from your end?

Dear Katniss Diss:
The studio isn't worried about drumming up attention as peeps will talk about H.G. whether on-set dirt leaks or not. Tho, we do have a couple of well-placed insiders who are saying that things are, well, pretty drama-free behind the scenes. Kind of disappointing, right? Oh well, there's still a chance we'll get some juicy Blind Vices from Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and the rest of the cast—they've got three and a half more films to shoot.

Dear Ted:
Still trying to figure out who Strippa Rip-Ya is. Has she been in abusive relationships in the past, or is this the first time? Does her family know about the abuse?

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Dear Strip Ya Later:
No, she hasn't gone through this kind of crap before in her relayshes, which may be why she's so willing to accept what her man is doing to her. The people around her (some fam included) are in-the-know and keeping their eyes peeled for any problems.

Dear Ted:
You're funny Ted. Robert Pattinson "hooking up" with Megan Fox? Never believed it, never will. Rob was at some function and Megan was there and she went up to him and started talking. Rob wasn't interested and blew her off. Because if Megan Fox went out on an actual date with Rob, the paps would have been all over it because they were crawling up Fox's tail back then. Rob has only been interested in one girl from day one and it was never Nikki Reed (that hookup was BS as well because it's was all in Nikki's dreams). It's so funny that no matter what any of you write, there's plenty of video and print interviews of Rob time after time talking about one girl and one girl only.

Dear Hookup Police:
What a delightful fantasy world you live in, doll! While you seem to think R and K were a love-at-first-sight sitch, that's so not the case. Welcome to the real world, pg, and just FYI—since when do you need to date to get down and dirty?

Dear Ted:
Just wondering if Fake à la Ferocity has been able to beat any old "habits"?

Dear Fake It Till You Make It:
F à la F has been keeping herself très busy lately. And while that doesn't leave a ton of time for her nasty extra-curricular activities (thankfully), she's far from living clean and sober. Shame, but Fake is going to do what Fake is going to do, damn anyone who says otherwise.

Dear Ted:
Don't you think Cory Monteith talking about his troubled teenage years is just a publicity stunt to shake off his Glee persona? The cast is going to have to graduate after next season, and maybe he wants to get an "edgier" image.
—Ms Cho

Dear Bad to the Bone:
While it's certainly crafty thinking—and might even be the case in most situations—I don't think C was trying to get a few more tough-guy AC/DC solos next season. Cory would much prefer to be the good guy BF than the bad-boy rebel, in real life and onscreen.

Dear Ted:
My new favorite show this year was Nikita. Love the show and the cast, but I have a question about Lyndsy Fonseca. A look at her Twitter feed shows that she regularly hangs out with Lindsay Lohan, which usually spells bad news. So does Lyndsy have any Vices? Or is it actually possible to hang out with LiLo and not dabble in the same Vicey behavior? Although the fact that she sees any redeeming qualities in L.L. makes me question what kind of a girl Lyndsy really is.
—Free Fall

Dear Spy Games:
It's certainly possible to have loser friends without sinking to their level, and to Lyndsy's credit, she hasn't ended up with a moniker yet. We aren't going to Vice someone just because they've got bad taste in buds. Tho L.F. certainly seems to love the LiLo limelight.

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