We sure hope Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is in on this joke.

The Real Housewives of New York star debuted another music video (along with a new blond look) at a party Tuesday, where she showed up dressed in a short sequined dress, with costars Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop there to cheer her on. Jill and Kelly also have cameos in the video, which the countess (in an extreme closeup) kicks off in her throaty voice like this:

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the countess speaking. We have arrived."

In the song, titled "Chic C'est la Vie," the divorced reality mom also makes an attempt to name check some famous folks—too bad half of those she gives props to refused to be filmed for her latest endeavor.

So what's their beef?


A source close to one castmember tells E! News that fellow RHNY stars Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer and inseperable husband-wife duo Alex and Simon McCord were all invited by LuAnn to take part in the video, but they refused because they'd been fighting all season and thought the song was "too campy."

And Real Housewives isn't?

"LuAnn put aside all the fighting that went on this season and just invited the whole cast. Jill and Kelly were happy to take part, but the rest refused," said our source, who added that Alex and Simon have been busy trying to nail down another season on the show because they rely heavily on the income from it, which by now has been kicked up to over $250,000 for a season.

"They're desperate to stay," said our source.

As for the countess' video, it's so bad, it's well...just really, really bad.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, the reality vixen, 46, lives it up at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, where she drinks champagne, wears a fluffy hotel robe and gambles, while making at attempt at singing about being rich.

"Jams, jets silouettes, champagne in the sky/ fine premieres and fireworks every single night/ gold, diamonds, caviar, life is but a dream/ when every day you're livin' in is featured on TV."

Wait, it gets better.

"Confident and cool/ passion is the key/ so live the life you wanna live/ there's no sympathy/ don't forget to see the soft/ the little things can take you down so it's best to brush them off/hair done, jewelry on, oh mirror on the wall/ who's the fairest in the land/ I guess it's not his call."

While she's doing her, uh, rap, the countess is seen cavorting around with Jill and Kelly, drinking rose and sipping champagne poolside and in the back of a limo.

The shout-outs soon come, with her singing, "Attention, Jill, bring your jewelry. Cindy, bring those crystals. Ramona, bring that Pinot. Sonja, her man. Kelly, the jelly beans. Alex, bring Simon and I'll bring the diamonds."

LuAnn was in good spirits as she debuted the video this week at a Life & Style hosted bash at Bar Basque in New York City.

"My favorite part of the night was seeing my video on the building, it looks so much better large than it does on a regular sceen," she told partygoers.

LuAnn first hit us with her musical genius last summer with the debut of her song "Money Can't Buy You Class."

Apparently, it can't buy you a singing career, either. 

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