Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum

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Kim Kardashian isn't spilling any of her wedding dress details—not even to her recent workout partner Heidi Klum!

"Everyone wants to know what she's gonna wear," Heidi told me last night while celebrating her own Hamptons magazine cover. "I don't know!"

"I'm sure she's gonna find something beautiful. She has good taste and she loves clothes," she added of the recent Project Runway guest judge.

The supermodel and mom also shared how she's getting bikini ready this summer...

"Lately, I've just been running," Heidi told me during the soiree on STK's rooftop. "I run four miles a day. Last year, I did 120 miles in seven weeks."

So that's the secret to looking so svelte after giving birth to four kids! (You can actually run the same program as Heidi does through her AOL site, if you want.)

"You can start running with me and you can log your miles to keep track of what they're running and how many I'm running. So they can see that I really do it every day. I have this little FitBit I attach to my clothes that counts all the calories and steps I do," she explained.

Sign us up!

But even hotties like Heidi take days off.

She said she's skipping her run today after her cover celebration last night, where guests drank Courvoisier Rose cocktails.

Her hubby, Seal, wasn't with her last at the NYC bash, but the couple is clearly happier than ever.

"I think the secret is just to be in love. If you find the right person, there's not much to it," Heidi told me.

She makes it all sound so easy!

WATCH: Heidi and Kim sweat it out

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