Paris Hilton Burglar Sentenced to Two Years in State Prison

Intruder Nathan Lee Parada was found guilty of felony attempted first degree burglary

By Claudia Rosenbaum Jun 30, 2011 1:20 AMTags
 Paris HiltonBrabus/

The world according to Paris Hilton got more serious today.

Hilton home intruder Nathan Lee Parada was sentenced to two years in state prison today. Parada was found guilty of felony attempted first degree burglary April 29 for attempting to break into Hilton's house last August.

During the trial, LAPD officer Det. Kevin Romine testified that he conducted a 40 minute recorded interview with Parada after he had been apprehended. He said that during that interview, Parada told him he came in from Redlands and went straight to Hollywood where he bought a star map on the street. He said it was Parada's intent to "get money to go live on a deserted island". Parada told him he came prepared and had bought two knives—one at Big 5 and one at Target.

In his closing arguments Parada's attorney Juan Perez tried to argue that this case was only being prosecuted as felony because "Princess" Paris, as he called her, was the victim. D.A. Kaveh Faturechi emphasized, though, that Parada was there to get money and jewelry and came armed to the house with two knives.

Parada told Det. Romine he was not interested in meeting Hilton, but that he knew "she was famous and she was from a rich family." Parada also told the detective he was prepared if anyone was home to tie them up and to put something in their mouths, if needed to quiet them. Parada told Det. Romine he hit Hilton's window with the back end of one of the knives to try and break it.

Both Paris and now ex-boyfriend Cy Waits testified at the trial. Waits told the jury when he saw Parada holding knives, "I drew the gun on him and I screamed at him to drop the knives." Waits said at the time Paris was frantic running around the house looking for a phone.

Waits also testified that when they got downstairs, they saw Parada "with a smirk in his face" looking in the window. Waits said he went outside and asked him who he was. "I was polite in the beginning," but when Parada began to walk away from him, "He turned around and smirked and that is when I saw he had two large knives, a large steak knife and a large buck knife."

A jury took less than an hour to convict 32-year-old Parada.

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