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 After making his delish—and kinda douchey—announcement to Details magazine that he and former Transformers costar Megan Fox got it on, Shia LaBeouf is now claiming that he'll "edit" himself and go the "no comment" route.

Talk about a 180. Although Megan may not be too happy with his big mouth—Shi also said recently that the big robot franchise is better off without her—we're not in the biz of telling stars to shut up.

Then again, the guy may have a point. At least, his former Indiana Jones costar Harrison Ford seems to think it's a good idea. That's why he had this gem to give about S.L.'s blabbermouth:

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"I think I told him he was a f--king idiot," Ford dished to the magazine.

And that brutally honest comment wasn't even about Shi's Fox-y kiss-and-tell lip slip! Harrison was referring to Shia's criticism of the much-maligned flick the two starred in together.

But now Shia says that since he's 25 years old, it's time to keep his trap shut.

You're just now figuring that out, S.? Not that we're complaining about the juicy goss that seeps out, but Shia's been in the spotlight since Even Stevens. Remember that show?

Point is you think he would've started keeping quiet a while ago.

Some think Shi's honesty is refreshing in an age where celebrities are censored into Dullsville. And of course, we love it when celebs reveal. Still, we do kinda understand why stars and starlets have to keep mum on certain topics.

So what do you think? Should our fave bean spiller learn to shut his trap and keep his dirty dish to himself, or do you love his brutal honesty, no matter how many aging adventurers and hottie actresses he burns?

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Should Shia learn to keep his mouth shut?
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