There isn't much that can make us want to ditch our luxurious L.A. lifestyles, especially not the chance to freeze our tushes off in some remote Icelandic wilderness.

But the thought of cozying up with Jake Gyllenhaal in a sleeping bag at night—for warmth, duh—is pretty damn tempting. Not that it matters, 'cause we'll be stuck watching J.G.'s extremely icy adventures on Man vs. Wild from the safety of our homes.

So how are Jakey's survival odds really looking out in the big, bad wilderness?

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Surprisingly, pretty good!

A new promo vid for the premiere of Bear Grylls' outdoorsy escapes hit the net today and shows Jake getting into some real risky situations—without a stuntman to do the life-threatening stuff for him, no less!

First of all, the weather looks friggin' terrible, what with the wind and the ice and the snow. It's a shame (and a totally missed opportunity on Discovery's part) that the twosome couldn't explore the Galapagos Islands or somewhere exotic.

At least then we'd probably get a few gratuitous shirtless scenes to peek at Jake's ab-tastic bod. Trust us, our Love & Other Drugs DVD can only tide us over for so long.

But what actually surprised us was that it looks like Jake will be in some real danger. Duh, we've seen the show before, but we thought B.G. might have tamed down his usual pee-drinking, rock-climbing ways for a more T-town suited outing.

So note the case.

Spoiler alert: Jake lives (despite any concern his peeps may have had that he wouldn't survive), but we're still excited to see him get through the adventure. And if the video clip is any indication, it will make for one hilarious episode.

Case in point: When Bear asks Jake to help dig "a big letter H" into the snow covered dirt, Jakey-poo responds, "Lowercase or uppercase?" Too funny! Wonder what the two are writing though...

Possibly: "Help me, Olivia Wilde"?

Probably not but we'll find out July 11 when Jake's appearance airs on the Discovery Channel.

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