Teen Wolf


Dear Ted:
I'm totally loving that Teen Wolf show on MTV. All the guys on it are so hot and there has to be some naughty stuff going on behind the scenes. I was wondering if the set is as Vicey as Twilight. They've both got supersexy werewolves and stuff. Specifically, is Colton Haynes a Blind Vice? Or Tyler Posey? Or are the T.W. stars not that Vicey...yet?

Dear Howlin' for You:
The cast of T.W. will tell you they are nothing like their vamp-loving predecessors, and it's true. But like you said, babe, for now. I've caught wind of some secrets these wolves would prefer to keep just that, but nothing as juicy as the crap the Twilight kids were up to when they worked on their first flick. We'll give Colt and his crew some time to really get nasty before we moniker ‘em.

Dear Ted:
Is Saoirse Ronan not that big in America? Because I'm Irish and she's huge over here, but it's not like she's been in that many Irish movies...Maybe we just make a bigger deal of her over here. She's really talented and I hope The Host does well for her benefit, though I didn't really like the book. It was too similar to Twilight.

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Dear Irish Lass:
While she's probably a bigger deal in Eire, Saoirse is still making a major H'wood splash. I mean, Adaptation, The Lovely Bones, Hanna? Girl's got some serious IMDb creds, but most of the flicks she's picked have been critical fare. The Host will be her big box-office boost into stardom.

Dear Ted:
I'm loving this Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux thing as much as you are. Am I the only one hoping she will bring him to the Horrible Bosses premiere tomorrow? What are the chances...Or is she just going to keep us hanging?
—4 Fun

Dear Jenstin or Just Jen:
Well, the lady's been displaying her man every chance she's got: MTV awards, Inside the Actor's Studio, you name it. We've got a funny feeling that as long as Justin's available, he'll be the man candy by Jen's side tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Dear Ted:
I read an article online today about the book that everyone is still bitching about, Midnight Sun. The article said that Stephenie Meyer has finally finished it and that it will be published and released sometime next year. My question is: Do you know anything about this, and if not, what do you know about the status or the book that we all want finished?

Dear Too Fickle to Finish:
Steph, in her way too usual dramatic fashion, ditched the book when it got the leak treatment online, but you already know that. Since then, S.M.'s camp has said that she's "burnt out on vampires," but if you ask me, Steph isn't going to pass up the cash cow that is Edward Cullen. I'm sure you'll get your hands on Midnight Sun eventually—just not anytime soon.

Dear Ted:
Is Olivia Wilde a B.V.? Seems she's been linked to every guy in Hollywood...

Dear Come On:
Yeah, duh she's got a Blind Vice. She's been racking up plenty of one-on-one time with our fave .B.V boys lately, so it's a given that she'd earn herself a sexy little spot in our Vice vault. We ain't no saints either though, so we still heart the glamour gal.

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