Watch Now! Joe Jonas' "See No More" Music Video

E! News brings you the exclusive premiere of Joe Jonas' debut solo music video!

By EOL Staff Jun 30, 2011 12:00 AMTags

We gave you a sneak peek, now we're bringing you the whole thing—Joe Jonas' "See No More" music video is here!

Yes, this is the first time the middle Jonas Brother is going it alone (although a little solo advice from Bono probably helped pick up some of the slack) and Joe seems to be taking to his new solo style both naturally and literally.

In his steamy new video, he's alone in a house haunted by a former relationship, alone in a sprawling suburb, alone in a burning room (stop, drop and roll, Joe!). You get the point.

Of course, he does have some company...

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The heartbreaker who inflicted all this emotional damage on our poor Joe makes a couple of interpretative dance appearances, but other than that, Joe is just going to have to work through the pain on his own. Not that there aren't plenty of girl folk out there who would be willing to help him through.

So, what do you think of Joe without the brothers? Are you digging his new sound and grown-up look?