If you didn't get enough warrior cries and epic battles in Thor or Game of Thrones, never fear...the trailer for Immortals is here!

Brought to you by the same producers that dished out 300 (proudly declared in equally-as-epic golden letters), the trailer brings you Greek mythology in slow motion bow and arrows and a shiny, shirtless Henry Cavill:

The British actor, from The Tudors and next year's big-screen Superman, greases up to play Theseus, the one mortal chosen by the Gods to fight against an endless army...or is it to lead an endless army? With all the slo-mo fighting, arrow flinging, and golden winged ninja-like warriors, it's hard to tell who, exactly, is fighting whom?

Whatever the conflict, the Immortals trailer reveals nothing short of the Greek epic we all expect to see (complete with a Sistine Chapel-like battle in the sky!). Cavill teams up to play gods with Luke Evans as the young Zeus and Mickey Rourke as the ever-dramatic King Hyperion.

Explosions, shield banging, and a quick peak of the seductive Freida Pinto (playing Phaedra, the future-telling priestess) sensually dropping her cloak—we can only hope that this mythological action film proves to be as epic as the massive tidal wave that ends the trailer.

What do you think? Does the Immortals trailer give you your fix of Greek gods and golden arrow action?

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