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What do a really expensive herpes outbreak, Glee and George Clooney all have in common?

They were all subjects of our latest polls, of course! If you thought otherwise, it's time you get that dirty little mind of yours out of the goss gutter!

We wanted to know which Gleek you thought should graduate, which Vegas Vicer you suspect unleashed a nasty STD, and why everyone has to bag on G.C. (and Britney Spears too!) And here's what you had to say:

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Dianna Agron needs to find a new New Directions!

With Ryan Murphy stirring the pot saying some Gleekers will be graduating this season, we had to know who you thought would get the diploma dump. And the comments were a mixed bag of singing sayonaras, almost a third of you voted for Dianna Agron to pack up her cheerios uniform and get the heck out of McKinley High.

Some commenters boasted that Di is destined for bigger while others bitched that she can't act for beans. But there's one Gleek who would remain in the choir room forever if it were up to you.

Little Miss Perfectionist, Rachel Berry, and her real-life alter ego Lea Michele racked up the least amount of votes. Let's hope the star is held back a few grades while she gets her career together, then.

No one wants to claim the mystery herpes!

The winner of the poll was actually quite the loser when it came to our $5 million herpes poll. But our not-so-esteemed nominees can breathe a sigh of relief too, 'cause nobody really won. When asked who you thought was behind the priciest STD outbreak ever, over half of you cried "Other."

Some crafty commenters were on the right path, reasoning: "It would have to be someone whose rep/career could be genuinely hurt by the lawsuit. So that rules out train wrecks like Charlie Sheen and Jesse James for me. It has to be someone fairly (at least publicly) respectable."

Couldn't agree with you more! That said, way far behind in second place for the poll was the Tiger Woods with just over 20 percent of the votes. An honor, we're sure.

We hope you never change, Britney Spears!

After the beyotchy backlash we got for giving Brit-Brit's concert a thumbs up, we asked you what Miss Britney Spears could do to prove she's definitely back in the game...and we're relieved to see that maybe ya'll were just cranky that par-tick day.

While the comments were filled with some dubious debaters, 51 percent of you said that B. just needs to sit back and enjoy the spotlight. It's Britney bitch she's already back! Must admit, we totally agree!

Coming in second place at 25 percent was the suggestion that she belt out a hit song sans all the bells and whistles and only 5 percent thought she needed to cover up more. Well yeah, she's not Brit without showing off that infamous belly button!

A bachelor by any other name would still!

We decided to get all philosophical on your arses and asked why people always think Hollywood single guys (like recently GF-less George Clooney) are gay. Looks like a big chunk of you think that Hollywood is the land of good old homo loving 'cause almost half of you said that peeps cry gay because, well, they're gay.

You weren't buying our double standard argument either—only 7 percent thought singles gals in T-town get it far easier than their bachelor peers. In fact, many of you said a certain deliciously good-looking gossip columnist and Blind Vicers superstars like Toothy and his closeted crew make you suspect of every unhitched H'wood hunk you run into.

Oh well, it's not like George cares anyways!

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