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Don't worry, Twi-hards, unless those Mayans get their way, 2012 will not be the end of your Stephanie Meyer-lovin' world!

The woman who dreamed up Edward Cullen will see another one of her novels get the big-screen treatment in 2013, though this time it's sans our favorite Awful regular Kristen Stewart.

Instead the way adorbs, über-kickass and, did we forget, Oscar-nominated Irish actress Saoirse Ronan will play the protagonist in the movie version of Steph's post-Twilight, alien-attackin' novel, The Host.

 So is S.R. gearing up to be the next K.Stew-esque phenomenon?

Not if she has anything to do with it!

While at the time she remained coy on the subject of whether she'd take on The Host, Saoirse chatted about the book a while back and said, "It's different from Twilight, which is good." 

Say it ain't so—could S be a dreaded anti Twi-hard?

Nah, we think the girl is probably just a smart businesswoman. Repeating a Bella Swan role would probably turn out badly for anyone who isn't K.Stew.

Besides, this story ain't at all like Twilight, my dears—well, not too much like Twilight. There are no vampires or werewolves, least.

While it has romance and a lusty love triangle—duh, it's by Steph, after all, who spends her days dreaming about hump-happy super teens—this time it's set in a world where aliens take over people's bodies. The lead girl Melanie, aka Saoirse, is one of the few "wild," alien-free humans.

And after Hanna, we all know how Saoirse can rock being wild.

We're pretty sure the Twi author doesn't have anything to worry about either as far as Host being a success, especially when it comes to getting butts into movie seats. After all, it did spend half a year on the NYT bestseller list. We're pretty sure Twi-hards will transform into Hosters in no time.

But the really exciting news will be which hottie up-and-coming actors will play Mel's two dudes, Jared and Ian. Maybe we should start prepping our Team Jared and Team Ian shirts now...

Oh and after 2013? Well S.M. might just have to return to good old Edward Cullen and finally finish that book she's been bitching about. Spoilers, shmoilers, just give us more vampy goodness!

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