Jennifer Aniston

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Dear Ted:
Peanut Butter and Chocolate (my long-haired, mini dachshund and my Chiweenie) want to know: Is it just us or does Jennifer Aniston look pregnant as all get out in that pic of her coming out of the Inside the Actor's Studio interview? Also, didn't she recently buy that apartment in N.Y. with nursery?

Dear Baby Fat:
Are you fo-serious? You think this is a baby bump? You're crazy. Plus, she bought that apartment way back in Feb. With that flat tummy, a baby definitely wasn't coming back then. Not to say that we aren't ready for baby Aniston at any moment, plus, she seems more into Justin Theroux than any dude in the past. Hey, if Jen wants to compete with Brad Pitt's brood, she'd better get a move on it!

Dear Ted:
Since all The Hunger Games casting fun is over for now, how about answering a question about one of my fave B.V.s, Veronica Bee-Stings? We know she has some fake knockers and likes to screw around, but I have a feeling she's not all spice and probably has a sweet side too. Would some of Ms Bee-Sting's costars describe her this way?

Dear Tit for Tat:
The male ones definitely would because they're getting her, uh, "sweetness" on the sly. Very few of her female costars, none, actually.

Dear Ted:
I couldn't help but notice how much Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively have "disappeared" ever since Green Lantern premiered. All of a sudden the media coverage of their romance is toned down and now they can escape the paparazzi. It's Hollywood so I wouldn't even be surprised if it wasn't for Leo. Very unlike him from the beginning. What's up with that?

Dear All for the Publicity:
In the midst of her nude photo scandal and with a new movie coming out, Lively needed established Hollywood power player Leo by her side. Now that the flick is in theaters and the photos are yesterday's news, seems like so is this relaysh. It's only a matter of time before Leo moves on to his next buxom blonde.

Dear Ted:
I just read that Joe Jonas is trying to invite Emma Watson to party with him. What do you know about this possible pairing? I think they might be kinda cute together actually!

Dear Adorbs:
Joe's had a crush on cutie-pie Em for a long time. He's made the first move, now the girl just needs to reciprocate! Come on, E, he's so much better than the guys you've been dealing with.

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