Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, Jessica Alba

The Weinstein Co

Get a whiff of this—director Robert Rodriguez nose knows everyone is going to think his upcoming new Spy Kids flick stinks.

And he wants it that way.

Why? Because...

He hopes to take audiences to the fourth dimension with the ability to smell Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World. A ticket to the latest installment of the hit franchise (in theaters Aug. 19) comes with an Aromascope card. As a number flashes on the screen, moviegoers will rub the corresponding number on the card and—voilà!—the scent is released.

"Now that everybody is doing 3-D, I was like, 'We gotta do something else. I want to go the fourth dimension,'" Rodriguez told me earlier today.

He thought back to the time he saw the "Odorama" version of John Waters' Polyester in 1982. "It was the older technology of Scratch and Sniff where everything smelled the same by the third sniff," Rodriguez said. "But it's changed a lot. The new technology is amazing. Smells don't mix together. I was happy and relieved to find that great minds have actually been working on it."

Rodriguez promises Spy Kids (starring folks like Jessica Alba, Jeremy Piven and E!'s own Joel McHale) will offer a wide range of scents. "When we asked kids about it, they said, 'You gotta do something really gross,'" Rodriguez said, laughing. "We do have a Spy Dog and a Spy Baby, so you could kind of figure out where it can go."

In other words, expect Spy Kids 4 to be a real gas.

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