Nadya Suleman

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The Octomom is back in the news. Apparently she's joined a new dating show for HDNET called Celebridate. So not only is she back in the news, we're going to have to see her in HD. 

Octomom said that she's very excited about this new venture, since this is, "the first time I have dated in my life."  Shocking, she seems like such a catch. 

I am impressed that she's managed to give birth to 14 children without ever having "dated." I think she's gotten this whole process backwards. You don't start looking for Mr. Right once you've filled your home with 14 screaming mouths. 

She also claims that she hasn't watched television in "almost a decade," which seems like bad parenting. 

She says she's nervous about her ability to date, since it's "difficult" for her to "have eye contact." I'm sure that's true; she has 28 eyeballs to try to connect with on a daily basis. 

This whole thing is stupid, but I feel most sorry for the guys who show up on Celebridate and find her crazy ass sitting on a chair with an index card full of questions for them. Many men have dated a single mom, but I doubt they've dated the Hoover Dam.

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