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Who knew overalls could look so damn good?

As if we weren't already dying for True Blood's debut this Sunday, Entertainment Weekly is now teasing us with a sexy new spread featuring our fave vamps, fang bangers and token ab-tastic werewolf.

Oh, and plenty of dish about the upcoming season, ya know, like: Eric loses his memory? Fairyland ain't so nice to Sookie? And, say it ain't so, Jason actually matures?

But there's one question in par-tick that gets our blood boiling: Are Anna Paquin's Sookie and Alexander Skarsgård's Eric going to have the freakin' mind-blowing shower sex that made the fourth book such a fan favorite?

Anna hints yes, Alex hints no. WTF, why oh why do you torture us so?

Oh yeah, for ratings. Duh!

"Obviously you want to make the fans happy; you want it to be as good as it can possibly be," A.P. spilled when asked about the dirty deed that's become friggin' infamous within the Sookie Stackhouse series.

It would make us very, very happy, Anna.

Deal is that it takes two to tangle tho, and the beautiful man behind Eric decided to play devil's advocate, because it would just be too easy to give us one sexy spoiler.

"You want fans of the books who've read them a million times to still be surprised when they watch the show," bitches A.Skars. "We can't be like ‘Oh well, now this is going to happen, and now this is going to happen, and here's that.' It's important to keep it fresh."

We get your point, you gorgeous Viking vampire, but we're telling you: Please stick to the book on this one. Especially since we're too excited to see the dark and oft-dubious Eric be all virginal and cutesie when (spoiler alert!) a thousand years of his memory are washed away by witches.

Speaking of which, Skars says "I did some crazy stuff last year. I almost had sex with a Greek man and I was covered in his goo. Everything from here on is pretty childish. Everything's quite innocent."

Uh, just FYI, we wouldn't mind another dude-on-dude sex sesh either, Skars.

Eric's equally gorgeous, real-life counterpart, seems to be a bit more humble than his onscreen alter-ego, admitting he'll never be able to get over all the sex-symbol attention. Including a few way-enthusiastic fans who refer to themselves as Mrs. Alexander Skarsgård.

We're sure Kate Bosworth can't get over it either!

Whatevs. The point is your hot bod's got us all worked up, so you better bring on the climax. Oh, and we'll have plenty of opinions about our hour of yummy naughtiness, so check back Sunday night for some post-True Blood dish.

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