Ashley Hebert, Bentley Williams, Bachelorette


Poor Ashley Hebert.

Watching herself pine for Bentley Williams on The Bachelorette can't be easy.

Being played on national television? It's something former Bachelor winner (then loser) Melissa Rycroft certainly knows a thing or two about...

"On one hand, you feel really bad for her," Rycroft said at Radio Shack's HTC Evo 3-D launch party. "I know she had to have been watching the show with everyone and going, ‘I wish I would have known.' On the other hand, you just want to look at her and go, ‘Stop! Stop giving him attention.'"

Rycroft said this wouldn't have happened if she were the Bachelorette.

"I would have let him go," she said. "If he doesn't want to stay here and not fight for me, I'm sure as heck not going to make him stay and dwell on the fact that he didn't want to be here when there's all these other guys that do."

But then Rycroft also admitted, "It's much easier from this point of view than when you're in it, so I probably would have done exactly what she did and felt sorry for myself."

The Dancing With the Stars alum hopes Ashley has at least learned something from the Bentley debacle. "The most beneficial thing to come out of the Bentley situation is she's so going to grow from that, and then she's going to look at it and go ‘Stupid boys,'" she said.

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