Oprah Winfrey

AP Photo/Themba Hadebe

Oprah Winfrey has been doing a pretty good job of remaining out of the spotlight since saying goodbye to 25 years on air, but she popped back up on the radar in South Africa today, where she received an honorary degree.

Well, Dr. Oprah does have a pretty nice ring to it.

The University of the Free State—whose 4,500-seat auditorium was, as one would expect, completely sold out for the star-honoring ceremony—awarded its 152nd honorary doctorate to Oprah, who threw her hands up in the air when told she was a "Kovsie," or member of the university's family.

Incidentally, Oprah happened to be in the country at the same time as First Lady Michelle Obama, and the two women dined together in Johannesburg Tuesday night. Talk about a power couple.

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