Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan was back in court yesterday following reports that she had failed an alcohol test. Under her probation, it was said that she is not supposed to consume any booze. Rumors were flying that Freckles was going to have to go back to jail since she supposedly violated her probation. According to TMZ, Lindsay got sent home, back to house arrest, with little more than a slap on her cigarette-toting wrist. Apparently the previous judge on her case had only ordered testing through February, so even though probation officers found that she drank while on probation, the actual test was not allowed in court. Or something like's called a Lindsay loophole. The current judge did order her to have "no more parties," which is fine since the last one was just a BBQ anyway. He restricted her to only one friend in her home at a time, outside of family members. If you think this judge was getting strict, you are wrong. They also ordered that the Probation Department cannot test Lindsay anymore for drugs or alcohol, since there's no court order allowing it. So not only did she get out of a sticky predicament, she was given a free pass to suck down as much vodka as she is able to. She's actually starting to impress me. But I do feel sorry for that one friend she has over. I hope they've gotten some rest; it's going to be a long night.

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