Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone

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Dear Ted:
Forget the Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart and Andrew Garfield-Emma Stone pairings, I want a Kristen-Emma pairing like right now! These two hot and beautiful badasses are my favorite actresses right now and I would love to see them both onscreen together. Kristen is tough while Emma is funny, but both are sexy, talented, beautiful and way cool—head and shoulders above their contemporaries. They would make an awesome pairing onscreen don't you think? But no cheesy and predictable rom-com though. Think more Thelma and Louise with a hot unknown to play the Brad Pitt role.

Dear Kremma Hopeful:
Love the way you're thinking, K! These two ladies would be perfect complements for female leads—tho, I wanna point out that Emma can be all badass too (just watch Zombieland), and Kris can be pretty funny in her totally awk way. Maybe for your new Thelma and Louise, K and E will do that whole Natalie Portman-Mila Kunis smoochathon too. Now that would be steamy.

Dear Ted:
George Clooney is single again; this middle-aged housefrau and rescue cat may still have a chance. While I wallow in my pipe dreams (sorry for the smoking reef!), help me out on the Vice side. I think you've confirmed Georgey isn't Toothy Tile, right? But does he have another Blind Vice moniker to his (dis)credit?
—Grey and Asher the Cat

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Dear Clueless Clooney:
C'mon, Grey! How long has G.C. been in the Industry? Of course he's got a few sexy skeletons hidden deep inside his closet—and it's to his credit. We love George's Vice; it's très juicy. But you are correct, Toothy he is not. It's an older Vice though, happy digging!

Dear Ted:
Who do you think would be the best actor for the other Jeff Buckley biopic? I personally love Robert Pattinson as an actor, but somehow, he doesn't seem to be the right choice for the job. What about Jared Leto? Has anyone noticed he used to play mostly "disturbed" characters?

Dear Back on Buckley:
Jared's acting career has taken a backseat to music as of late, but that's not to say he couldn't make his comeback in what's known now as Untitled Jeff Buckley Film. It's not a bad idea, either. In fact, he might even be a better choice than some of their current front runners—but I'm still rooting for Rob, duh. I disagree, V, I think he's perfect for this par-tick role.

Dear Ted:
Love the column, but not sure I agree with you on the Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder hook up. I have seen these two together on several occasions up close. They seemed close—who wouldn't be after all the hours they put in together—but it did not seem romantic at all. It is telling that they are trotting the globe together, but I am just not sold on a love match. Are you sure everyone is not just hoping for these two to get together?

Dear Naïve about Nian:
Trust, I was more than dubious of this duo. And I still have my reservations, but I'll buy it—for now, at least. All hottie vampires and their hottie female costars are destined to end up together, right? At least, that's what Twilight taught us!

Dear Ted:
Thought about who should be next in Team Truth's life makeover suggestions. For some reason I am stuck on a B.V. player...namely Lucretia Johnson. I feel so bad for this gal and can't help but feel that she may need a big blolumn slap in the face to turn things around for the better both personally and professionally. Whaddya say?

Dear Lucretia the Loser:
That might be more work than even I'm willing to do, babe. Harsh, but as much as I love (and pity, duh) Miss Johnson, she's not going to change her down-right-dumb ways anytime soon. Not until some Prince Charming type sweeps her off her boozy feet. How lame is that?

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