Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard

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Dear Ted:
Well, the True Blood premiere just happened and Alexander Skarsgård was there all by himself. No Kate Bosworth on the red carpet like last year or at the afterparty. Does that means they're done? He also was seen at the afterparty with Amanda Seyfried. Awkward much?

Dear Slaying Skarsworth:
Not as awkward as you might think, babe. Amanda likes to keep tight with all her ex-BFs. But it's strictly friendly...for now. You haven't seen the last of Skarsworth though—even if Kate is being shockingly camera shy lately. They've got a movie coming out soon, remember?

Dear Ted:
What is up with the whole Reggie Bush dating a Kim Kardashian look-a-like thing? If it's true, he's definitely not over her! So what's the deal?

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Dear Kim Klone:
Isn't it obvious? This, my dear, is a clear-cut case of dumper's remorse. Poor Reg couldn't have his bodacious babe back so he went and found the next best thing. It's only a matter of time before he slips and starts calling her "Kim." Ya know, if he hasn't already. It's like that old saying, "One you go Kardash, you never go back."

Dear Ted:
I know you like to write about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson everyday, but do you really have insider knowledge about them? Would you really know if Rob was hooking up on the set of his latest movie or if Kristen really had something going on with Garrett Hedlund? Beyond the logic of both of those couplings being a huge step down, Rob and Kristen know there is an insane amount of attention placed on everything they do. It's weird to obsess over celebrity couples, I know, but there is just something oddly comforting about believing that those two are really in love.

Dear Robsten Riots:
I love filling you in on the escapades of these two lovebirds just as much as you Twi-hards love throwing your skepticism right back in my face. But I'll tell you once more: K.Stew and Garrett are nothing more than costars turned friends, and R isn't hooking up with anyone's daughter, niece or mother, for that matter. As for the dirt on these two, they—like everyone else in H'wood—know a couple of blabbermouths that won't hesitate to yap about their celeb friends.

Dear Ted:
Miss P was onto something with her George Clooney reality show pitch, but I think I have a better suggestion. It should be a show that everyone is in on, except for the poor delusional girl who actually thinks Clooney would marry her. The season finale would be a party at Como with all his famous friends making fun of his latest conquest. But all jokes aside, do you think a relationship would last (not necessarily end in marriage) with him if she hadn't done so many interviews about their relationship?

Dear Clooney Conquest:
Aren't you just an evil little gossmonger, Tiff! Love it! But getting serious, yes I think a relaysh could last if he finds a par-tick person; he just keeps repeating the same romance with the same babes, which is fine with him. I don't think marriage—now, or ever, really—is at the top of George's to-do list.

Dear Ted:
So I am wondering, who is more famous (the person, not the Vice character): Terry Tush-Trade or Nevis Divine?
—Southern Gal

Dear Fame Game:
I gotta go with Terry, this time. But just by a hair—like one of the gorgeous ones atop Nev's head.

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