Wow! First things first, we all knew Jason Statham was a pro at aggressively whispering and using weapons of badass destruction—his fists—to knock bad guys around like nobody's business. But did you know that even when tied to a chair he can still kick your ass? It's true, and Clive Owen knows exactly what we're talking about.

Check out these moves in the first trailer for Killer Elite...

Impressive right? To be honest, we're surprised Owen managed to get a shot off after that whole guy-tied-to-a-chair back flip landed on his rib cage. Obviously, Statham, a retired special ops soldier, and Owen, the leader of a deadly band of assassins, aren't seeing eye to eye. Owen kidnapped Statham's mentor, played by none other than Robert De Niro in this adaptation of a true story. (For reals, is this what the world has come to?)

True story or not, it all makes for an awesomely cheesy action flick full of intense staredowns, taunting threats and, of course, bullets...lots of bullets. But on top of all that, get ready for the best part: The deft use of "Rock You Like a Hurricane" married to the image of a punch to the groin. Thank you, Killer Elite.

This bundle of action hits theaters Sept. 23. Ready to get rocked?

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