Pink Screws "Aggressive and Unsafe" Paparazzi by Selling Her Own First Pics of Baby Daughter Willow

Outspoken singer explains that after being "stalked" by photogs, she decided to sell her own photos of newborn and donate payout to charity

By Marianne Garvey Jun 23, 2011 3:23 PMTags
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When Pink released that sweet family photo of new baby daughter Willow, it wasn't because she was in a sharing mood.

The outspoken singer posted a (well-thought-out and surprisingly not that angry) letter on her website explaining why she and hubby Carey Hart chose to show off her new cutie for the masses, saying that they've been being "stalked" and "chased" by photogs hoping to land the first pic of their little girl.

So how far have the paps gone in trying to land a pic?

Pink explains it like this:

"Due to the unsettling, surprisingly aggressive and unsafe measures that the paparazzi seem to be willing to go to in order to secure that 'first shot' of our daughter, stalking us, chasing us in cars and sitting outside of our home all day and all night, as new parents Carey and I decided that we would release personal photos of our Willow, and donate all the money to charity."

The "Sober" singer says the money will go to children's charities like the Ronald McDonald House and Autism Speaks.

She explains that both her and Hart appreciate their fans and celebrity and that they know being famous has both upsides and downsides, but that there should be a clear line drawn when it comes to snapping pictures of innocent babies.

"Why are celebrities/public figures having to seek restraining orders to keep strange grown men with still and video cameras from sitting perched outside of their children's pre-schools and elementary schools, preying on little innocent kids...Here's the bottom line: we don't want you to take our little girl's picture. We don't want you to one day follow our little girl home from school. We don't want our little girl's picture in a magazine or on a blog. if you take or publish her picture, it is against our wishes, and without our consent as parents, as people," she rants.

Pink, who calls her life "interesting and privileged" in the note, says that her daughter is "powerless" to the flashbulbs and calls on the public to think before they buy tabloid magazines or read news websites.

"So when you see our middle fingers up in all of our pictures, now you know the motivation," she says.

The singer says she doesn't expect her letter to actually change anything, she simply wanted to say her piece.

Oh, and she adds that baby poop "really isn't as bad as all the guys out there think."

From paparazzi pics to poop: that about covers it.