New Moon, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Chris Weitz

Summit Entertainment; Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Of course there's absolutely no drama on the Twilight set, right?

Yeah right. The vampire flicks are full of the stuff—as well as some sexy bits, too, don't forget. So is New Moon director, Chris Weitz, still feeling some heat from his lackluster turn with the vampy franchise?

"I'm probably barred from the set at this point," Weitz dished to E! when asked if he's had a chance to stop by the Louisiana locale on his fanged legacy.

Ouch. But before you Twi-hards get in a tizzy, know this:

He's joking, of course.

In fact from what we've heard, Summit was begging C.W. to come back for Breaking Dawn. Heck, he was willing to come back for Eclipse too had it not been for some serious scheduling conflicts (like say, his family).

But that's not to say he's doesn't want Kristen Stewart and company to join him on a different project:

"Yeah. I really, really like those guys," Chris gushed when asked if he'd work with the Twi gang again. "Some of them are coming to support me tonight, which is really great. And I think that they're all terribly talented. It was part of the reason I did New Moon in the first place."

The "some of them" he's referring to are a fabulously casual K.Stew and hunky Taylor Lautner, who both supported their director pal's latest flick, A Better Life, when it premiere at the L.A. Film Fest.

And all teasing aside, Chris is a good sport about the whole Twilight sitch and says he's excited to peep Breaking Dawn when it hits the big screen. One scene in par-tick has made him a curious man:

"I wanna figure out how they shoot that part where the baby eats its way out of Kristen's stomach!" Weitz said.

Us too, Chris. Us too.

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