Today seems to be the day of remembrance.

A memorial service was held for Jeff Conway this afternoon in Encino. 

Friends gathered to pay their respects to the late actor, including Taxi costar Christopher Lloyd, Ernie Hudson and longtime pal Corey Feldman, who recalled his fondest memories in his 25-year friendship with Conaway.

Feldman noted that depsite what people may have seen on Celebrity Rehab, "Jeff was an amazing leader...He had a light inside of him that was so inspiring to many. I was one of those people that he affected so profoundly."

Keeping in with the thought of the Grease and Taxi star that so many adored, Feldman added, "He had energy, he had charisma, he had joy and laughter in his heart. And what he wanted more than anything was to share that—with as many people as he could."

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