LeAnne Rimes

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Dear Ted:
I can't believe I am defending LeAnn Rimes, but it seems to me that her current body is no thinner than the average young Hollywood type, such as Audrina Patridge who is way scary skinny and touted as a "best bikini body." Isn't the only difference with LeAnn that she has transformed and annoys everyone by tweeting about it? If she arrived on the scene looking like she looks now, she'd be in all the "best body" lists. Just saying...

Dear Stop Making Sense:
Sadly, you are entirely correct.

Dear Ted:
Looking at pictures of that teen bride...Well, she obviously isn't really a teen. She's at least 30! Please don't give those losers attention and press. Let's focus on the interesting ones!

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Dear Hypocrite:
Doll, you're the one who just wrote in about them, garnering them even more ink! Congrats!

Dear Ted:
Will the gorgeous and talented Matt Bomer of White Collar ever be considered for the big screen, or is he gonna be kicked to the curb because of his TV role? Please answer before I start my Bomer campaign.

Dear Start Without Me:
What the hell do you care what I—or anybody else—thinks? He's certainly got the looks for the big screen, but does he have the transitional quality? Funny, I didn't really think Jon Hamm did, but then he totally rocked in Bridesmaids, so maybe the same can be hoped for Bomer?

Dear Ted:
Congrats on quitting the cancer sticks! Bravo! Why isn't anyone talking about Rebecca Gayheart's obvious pregnancy? She is not that famous nowadays, but McSteamy sure is. Do they each have Blind Vices while we are covering them? They have to after the naked bathtub pics with that trashy Celebrity Rehab girl. Right?

Dear Off:
Nope, neither star. Hey, it takes a certain élan to be a Vice name, hon!

Dear Ted:
I'm very disappointed in Jennifer Aniston if it's true that she's dating a guy who was living with someone else when they started seeing each other. No excuse for that stuff, ever. Too many fish in the sea to be messin' with an octopus.
Miss P

Dear Chicken of the Sea:
Not quite sure what you're talking about, babe, but I assure you, this was hardly a repeat of Brad Pitt, Jen and you know who, if that's where you're fishing.

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