Off the Map Star Valerie Cruz Joining Syfy's Alphas

Actress signs on as recurring guest star in new superhero thriller, premiering July 11

By Drusilla Moorhouse Jun 21, 2011 9:50 PMTags
Valerie Cruz, AlphasNBCUniversal

Valerie Cruz is back on the map.

The actress, who recently played Dr. Rita Alvarez in Shonda Rimes' canceled ABC jungle medical drama Off the Map, is joining Alphas as a recurring guest star.

Syfy's new superhero thriller, about a group of clandestine crimefighters investigating others with similarly amazing abilities, premieres July 11. Cruz, portraying mysterious Department of Defense Special Agent Kathy Sullivan, will first appear alongside Alphas' award-winning star David Strathairn in the series' third episode, "Cause and Effect."

Alphas debuts on Syfy July 11 at 10 p.m. (right after the summer premieres of Eureka and Warehouse 13!)...will you be watching?

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