Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has never been a model inmate. So it was surprising, but not exactly shocking, when it turned out LiLo thought justice was best served by topping up her tan, sucking on some e-cigs and holding Keeping Up With the Kardashians viewing parties.

But when she took it upon herself to start profiting from her house arrest sentence and filmed a commercial while ostensibly under lock and key, well, it didn't take long for the critical chatter to start.

So, was it a bad image move? Absolutely. But more importantly, was it even legal?

Listen, Shawn Holley doesn't get paid the big bucks for nothing. While it was certainly a questionable decision (though perhaps not financially) for Lindsay to film a commercial for while serving out her 35-day sentence (which, incidentally, wraps up next week), it was perfectly legal.

Criminal defense attorney Troy Slaten, who is not involved in LiLo's case, told E! News that the commercial work in no way violated her house arrest program. While Lohan was given zero leeway in her orders to remain inside her house for the full duration of her confinement, there's nothing in her sentence that says she can't also get a little work done, provided she doesn't leave the premises to do so.

"If you can work from home, there is no prohibition against that," Slaten said. "As I recall, hers is full home confinement and she wasn't allowed to leave except for a medical emergency. If it was shot at her house, then she didn't violate the terms, because she didn't leave."

Indeed, a rep for confirms to E! News that the spot was filmed at Lindsay's home over the weekend.

"Lindsay was great to work with. She loved the site. She was energetic, smart and focused," the rep said.

In fact, it turns out that the gig may not only be legal, but may be the best business decision Lindsay has made in quite some time.

"Just the fact that someone is willing to come to her house and pay her, all the better for her," Slaten said. "If she wanted a 976 number and answer calls for money, she could do that. She could blog, Skype videos, anything she could do from home she could do, just as long as she didn't leave home."

Sheriff's department spokesman Steve Whitmore concurred, telling E! News, "as long as she is within the footprint of her house, I think it is fine."

Score one for Lindsay. Finally.

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz

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