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Last week, hip-hop mogul James Rosemond was implicated by a jailhouse confession in a 1994 plot to rob Tupac Shakur that ultimately left the rapper shot five times.

And now Rosemond has been arrested on charges unrelated to the accusations made by convicted murderer Dexter Isaac.

An attorney for Rosemond, Jeffrey Lichtman, confirms to E! News that the Czar Entertainment honcho has been arrested for narcotics, distribution and money laundering stemming from an indictment last month. He's set to be arraigned later this afternoon.

And get this: The odds are good that Rosemond and his accuser will end up in the same jail. Um, awkward?

Lichtman tells E! News that he does not plan today to ask for bail for his client, which likely means that Rosemond will be sent to the same Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn where Isaac is serving a life sentence for murder, robbery and other crimes.

Though the lawyer said it's doubtful the rap impresario and Isaac will be allowed to get near each other.

"I don't think the bureau of prisons will allow them to be in the same cell or in the same unit," Lichtman added.

The 1994 near-fatal assault on Tupac is believed to kicked off the so-called East Coast-West Coast rap war , which led to Shakur being gunned down in Las Vegas two years later and was followed by the March 1997 murder of his rival Notorious B.I.G. in a drive-by in L.A. Both cases remain unsolved.

After Isaac's claims made headlines last week, Lichtman vehemently denied Rosemond had any involvement and questioned Isaac's credibility, calling him a "convicted psychotic killer" cooperating with federal authorities "in a desperate attempt to get out from under his life sentence."

For his part, Isaac seems to be sticking to his story. The convicted murderer also accused the mogul of falsely naming him as a government informant after Rosemond was indicted on the separate drug charges. Lichtman has contended the charges against his client baseless.

"The charges are the result of allegations from witnesses who have been bribed and threatened by the government. And have otherwise spent lifetimes lying," the lawyer said. "The government wants a trial. So they are going to get a trial."

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