Royal Baby, Prince William, Kate Middleton


Here's a birthday bummer.

Prince William is celebrating his 29th birthday today, but he won't be doing so with his beautiful wife Kate Middleton by his side.

Why is that, you ask? Read on…

The Prince works as a sea rescue helicoptor pilot on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales, and Good Morning America is reporting that he will be spending his special day pulling a 24-hour shift at work.

Well, good for him.

And while his beautiful wife and her newly-single sis were invited by Roger Federer to attend the Wimbledon finals, they politely declined. Accoring to a report in U.K.'s Sun newspaper said, "It's possible though that it being William's birthday, [Kate] might decide that PR-wise it's not a great move if William's there working on a search-and-rescue unit and she's eating strawberries and cream."

So while the birthday boy is off saving lives his other half will be home, waiting for his safe return. Are these two living the dream or what?!

Happy 29th Birthday, Wills!

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