Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis

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Justin Timberlake may just be a great friend in real life, but he's definitely getting hot and heavy with one par-tick brunette babe in his new flick, Friends With Benefits. Of course, we're talking about Mila Kunis, and trust us, these two spend some serious time between the celluloid sheets.

We caught a screening of the film last week followed by a Q&A with the director, Will Gluck, and while we were delighted by how hilarious the film was, we just had to know whether all that onscreen chemistry was really just, well, acting...

"I had no fear. Next question," Will joked when asked if he ever had concern that Mila and J.T. wouldn't click. And click they do. Their relaysh onscreen—even when they're not getting up close and personal with each other's junk—is way hot.

Which might be why the two sparked rumors of a real-life romance.

So what about that interview Justin did with Playboy, where—aside from spilling about smoking a joint from time to time and namedropping former flame Britney Spears—he said filming the sex scenes was "completely awkward."

"Yes he did. He said that," Will responded, remaining coy on his leading lad and lady.

We think we understand what you're getting at, W. Art imitates life and all that, right? Or are we just reading into things, 'cause if it's a crime to think that J.T. and Mila would make a way-cute couple, then lock us up and throw away the key!

But really, playing devil's (and Justin's) advocate, was it awkward filming all those sex scenes?

"It's very mathematic," editor Tia Nolan, who was also on hand, explained. "My friends were so jealous, saying ‘You get to see all of Justin?' but it's like, ‘Move the camera, that's too much pubes.' "

Pube control doesn't exactly sound like the worst job to us, but whatever, T!

And then we got this delish tale:

"One time Justin was on Mila, kissing her and she fell asleep," Will told the crowd. "We called cut and he got off and she was sleeping. So that's how good in bed Justin Timberlake is."

Somehow we find that hard to believe. We're certain Mila had just been rendered unconscious due to pubic hair flying all over the place.

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