Doug Hutchison, Courtney Alexis Stodden

All right, we might start making some quick judgments just based off the fact that she got hitched at only 16 years old (to a 51-year-old man!), but that's not very nice.

Instead of jumping to harsh conclusions, we asked ourselves, who exactly is Courtney Stodden?

And we figured we might as well share the knowledge with all of you!

Here are five things you didn't know about the new Mrs. Doug Hutchison...

1. She Reps the USA: This li'l lady is quite the competitor. Stodden was a contestant in the Miss Teen Washington USA pageant. Wonder what she'd want more: marriage or world peace?

2. Music Is Her Future: Stodden is an aspiring pop singer. So far, her music has made it as far as YouTube and MySpace, but we're sure it'll skyrocket after this. She has two singles, titled "Car Candy" and "Don't Put It on Me."

3. She Has a Bangin' Body: OK,  ladies, haterade time. This girl is rockin' a 36-23-34 figure at 5 feet, 3 inches. That could definitely be a reason to tie her down.

4. Dark Water Connection: How'd she meet her 51-year-old hubby anyway? Turns out she was signed to his production company called Dark Water. Why the mysterious name? "From our ocean of unrest swim the dreams of filmmakers, actors, authors, illustrators, photographers, magicians, musicians and inventors. With artistic vision, our goal is to manifest dreams," the website reads. And now they can enjoy the art of love together—awww!

5. Her Mom Likes Weddings: Sure, every mother enjoys planning their daughter's wedding, but it looks like Krista Stodden couldn't wait! She signed the parental consent form for her daughter to legally marry in Clark County, Nev. Thanks, Mom!

Suddenly we feel such a closer bond to Stodden, don't you?

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