Captain America, The First Avenger

Jay Maidment/Marvel

Like Thor and his hammer or Hulk and those indestructible purple pants, this photo shows the beginning of deep and lasting friendship between a hero and his iconic piece of comic book lore.

We've got an exclusive first look at Chris Evans and his trusty shield from Captain America: The First Avenger. Let's discuss...

Does Steve Rogers look amazed? You'd be struck with awe too if you were a weakling-turned-muscle-man gazing upon what would soon become your most prized possession. Not only does our titular hero have superhuman strength thanks to the Super Soldier Serum, now he has an indestructible shield that can absorb any blow, ricochet around nicely and take out multitudes of evil doers, all the while leaving Rogers unharmed.

While this pic features a first prototype, designed by the famous Howard Stark—you know, Iron Man's dad—once it gets a coat of paint, this will be one weapon set for to take its place in American legend.

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Captain America hits theaters July 22. Will it be the summer's biggest blockbuster?

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