Warning to Rookie Blue fans: tonight's premiere will possibly leave you breathless. And not just because all the good-looking cops are finally running around without training officers (rookies, no more!). But because one of their first assignments, which at first appears to be dull, turns into something definitely not dull.

And right in the thick of the drama is Andy, played by the beautiful Missy Peregrym. Not only does her character have to worry about, you know, not dying while on duty, but she's going to find herself in the middle of more than one love triangle. Missy filled us in on all the haps from the upcoming second season, plus what she'd like to see for Andy should season three come calling…

Q&A With Rookie Blue Missy Peregrym

One season in the can, and a new one starting! What can viewers expect this season on Rookie Blue?
Missy Peregrym:
I think the major thing that is going to change this season is that we're still rookies, but we do not have training officers anymore. We're all pairing up together to handle things and because Sam (Ben Bass) is not our training officer anymore, I can actually date him if I want to. Relationship-wise, I think it's crazier definitely because we have established the characters; we get to go deeper into the rookies' background a bit. And there is a new character, Camille Sullivan, and she plays Detective Rasati, Luke's (Eric Johnson) ex-girlfriend [who] comes into the position and makes Andy's life hell.

Yikes. How does she make Andy's life hell?
She regrets the decision that they broke up and just does not have a lot of respect for me because I am younger and obviously she knows Luke better than I do anyway. She has history with him so it's just really complicated this year with relationships because obviously there is still an attraction to Sam as well.

The first episode certainly has a lot of action. Where do we go from the season premiere?
It is somewhat of the same formula as last year, so they are going to be new cases that we are going to be working on but they are going to be driven way more by the characters personalities and personal lives. So, obviously there is going to be a lot of drama. I just think that this season is a lot more dramatic. I love the first episode; I think it is a great intro back into the season. I think everything is amplified this season. We are rookies but I think the theme of this season is that a little bit of knowledge can be a very dangerous thing, so even though we feel like we have got more under our belt and we're more confident, the truth is, we are still not prepared for what comes against us. And we're still messing up pretty badly.

Rookie Blue, Ben Bass, Missy Peregrym

Andy and Callahan seem to be getting pretty serious in the first episode. What's coming up for them?
We see them pretty positive, and they're happy to be living together, and Andy is pretty confident in her decision that if she chooses Luke she goes for stability, she wants a family, she wants to have certainty in her life so the season opens up with that. Then it sort of already takes a turn in the first episode, but I think as we go through the whole season there are some things revealed, and Luke turns out to be the person that you didn't really think he would be. He makes some mistakes but again, it's really complicated with the ex-girlfriend coming back into the picture.

What do you like most about playing Andy this season as compared to last?
This year was very interesting. Last year, she didn't know what she was doing, and she was very honest, sincere, and the lesson was that not everyone wants to be saved and that was kind of tough. This year what I like is that you can do everything right yet everything can still go wrong, and what I love about Andy is that I think she is very relatable and they write her so that everyone can understand her and see where she is coming from. And things just don't always pan out the way you'd like. This year because of some things that happen, I kind of get to explore a different side of Andy, one that I am familiar with personally. I never really put so much of myself into a character before and I find that interesting. It's a weird thing, but at the same time it kind of justifies some the situations she has experienced in her life because I can relate to that personally.

If Rookie Blue gets another season, is there anything you want to see for Andy in the future?
I don't really have a ton of expectations for her because I get to go along this journey. Every time we read an episode, I am learning more about her. I guess in the same way that I look at my life and wish about things, I could say the same thing about Andy. Even if she decides to be with Sam, it's going to be complicated, its going to be difficult. I think that is the most exciting part of the show though. Our job already has so much stress and I think it affects our personal lives a lot.

Ready for the season two premiere, Rookie Blue fans? Do you want to see Andy with Luke or Sam? Let loose in the comments!

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