Don't let that innocent smile and her new knitting hobby fool you. We hear Julia Roberts is quite the party animal. According to Tom Hanks, that is.

Hanks let us in on that secret, and more, when we sat down recently with both Oscar-winning stars of the upcoming dramedy Larry Crowne

So, why exactly did Hanks think the Eat, Pray, Love actress was the perfect fit to play alcoholic school teacher, Mercedes Tainot?

"You haven't hung around with her," Hanks joked when asked why he thought of Roberts for the role while penning the flick's script. "Look at the way this woman makes a Margarita! That's a different sort of drunken school teacher. There's stuff behind that."

And, of course, Roberts was more than up to the task to star in Hanks' film (and unleash her inner party girl).

"It's the most fun thing anyone has asked me to do on camera. Play a drunken school teacher. Isn't that awesome?!" Roberts quipped.

And while there wasn't any real alcohol flowing on the set (just "icy goop," according to Roberts), Hanks did get a little loose by stripping down to his underwear in one scene.

"I wanted to bring a horror element to the film," Hanks said.

But that wasn't all.

Since this film does dabble in the romance front, we couldn't help but ask Roberts and Hanks what makes for a successful marriage. (Hanks has been married to actress Rita Wilson for 23 years, and Roberts to cameraman Daniel Moder for eight.)

"I think it's the wisdom to marry the right person…to marry Rita Wilson," Hanks said.

After whispering "good sex" in response to the successful marriage fodder, Roberts got serious, adding, "Yes, that's the glue. Knowing what you got."

Aww. We couldn't ask for more than these two in a rom-com.

Larry Crowne hits theaters July 1.

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