Andrew Garfield, Garrett Hedlund

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Did it just get a little hotter in here?

Neither Garrett Hedlund nor Andrew Garfield is too tough on the eyes, so we've loved every second of watching the dudes hang loose in Hawaii. And while the bros hit the island in order to pick up some trophies at the Maui Film Festival—the Rising Star Award for G and the Shining Star Award for A—we're far more interested in them picking up some rays of sun at the beach.

'Cause let's be honest:

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Garrett and Andrew are sporting some seriously sexy beach bods. But which fella do you prefer?

First there's Andrew:

The Social Network stud seems to have ditched his geekdom for some gawk-worthy abs. Must be all that training for Spiderman, huh? No offense to Tobey Maguire, but we think we're going to like this reboot. Plus, even in superhero mode, he's still rocking that scruff that he and Brit-pack pal Robert Pattinson love so much.

So is the man that woos the likes of Emma Stone and Keira Knightley—onscreen at least—your kinda guy?

Or do you prefer the man that made Kristen Stewart, Leighton Meester and Olivia Wilde weak in the big-screen knees?

That would be Garrett, of course. The Tron star seems to have kept his bathing suit bod in tip-top shape since riding motorbikes in the sci-fi flick. Obviously we're dying to see what kind of steamy sitches he gets himself into opposite K.Stew in On the Road—fingers crossed that there's an abundance of shirtless scenes!

It's a tough choice, but we're dying to know: Which dude would you want to soak in some sun with...while the other washes out to sea?

Enjoying the heat across country was…

Gavin Rossdale, who celebrated the wrap of his upcoming stint on the summer hit Burn Notice, with an über-posh dinner in Miami Beach. Gav, with two gorgeous gals, hit up hot spot The Forge.

Should Gwen worry?

Not at all! It was just the show's female lead, Gabrielle Anwar and one of her gal-pals.

A fellow diner dishes that Rossdale "went to town on his dinner," which the group enjoyed in the restaurant's wine bar. Sounds like quite the evening on the town, just wish Ms. Stefani herself had been present.

Now she's got a killer beach bod.

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