Teen Wolf


You already know that the hot young stars of Teen Wolf have lots of onscreen sex.

But why are castmembers of the new MTV series getting handsy with each other between takes?

Ask Tyler Hoechlin, who often has to walk around set with fake nails and other uncomfortable werewolf prosthetics for the show.

"The thing that sucks [the nails] is eating and going to the bathroom," he tells us.

"Yeah, you can't pull up your zipper, so the guys would walk around set asking them to pull up their zippers," laughed costar Holland Roden. "They got  fresh and friendly quite quickly."

"We had to have wardrobe zip up our pants and stuff," added Hoechlin.

"When we were doing a fighting scene or something, when they would break off it would hurt a lot," Tyler Posey said. "Like for a second I would think that I ripped off my actual nail."

Their make-believe vision is also causing some problems.

"The contacts suck!" Hoechlin said. "The ironic thing is that when you're a werewolf, our vision is supposed to be better and it actually blinded me and Tyler, because you kind of just tunnel vision. Everything is blurred out and you have just a little center of focus where you can actually see."

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