Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown

It's Friday, but since Rebecca Black yanked her video tribute to the day off YouTube, we can't watch that.

Luckily, Lady Gaga Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are here to help!

They've dropped brand-new videos today for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure). And while Gaga's doesn't feature the Biebs, she's got another special guest in there.

Take a look and a listen after the jump...

First up, in "Next 2 You," it's the end of the world as know it, but Chris Brown and the Biebs feel fine.

In the video that's sure to make teenage girls swoon, both boys come to the rescue of their ladyfriends after some apocalypse-type thing goes down. It's got some cool special effects.

Seeing Chris break it down is nothing new, but Justin shows off some of his dance moves in this one as well. As an added bonus, Chris manages to keep his shirt on and his temper in check despite the chaos around him.

Then, Gaga is on "The Edge of Glory"...and the edge of a balcony.

Mother Monster keeps it relatively tame in her latest video (which premiered last night on So You Think You Can Dance), rocking a new wig and leather lingerie...there's no licking crucifixes or poisoning men here.

Instead, there's heavy use of a smoke machine and a cameo by her famed saxophonist friend Clarence Clemons, who shot the video before he sadly suffered a stroke.

Are either of these better than "Friday"? Which one rocks your world?

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