Kelsey Grammer, Camille Grammer

Marc Stamas/Getty Images; Shahar Azran/Filmmagic

The old hacking excuse, huh, Kelsey Grammer?

The former Frasier is insisting it was an unnamed prankster and not his Emmy-winning self that was behind a rude email blast targeting ex-wife Camille Grammer.

The subject line on the email in question? Ready for it?

"Camille smells like beef jerkey [sic]. goodnight."

We have a feeling Camille was not amused.

The newlywed actor sent out a follow-up email shortly after he discovered what had happened, saying the meat-themed message about his Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ex was sent "without my knowledge, consent or authority."

Kelsey admitted that the email account is in his name, but that other people have access to it and that it was always a shared account. 

"May I suggest that it is 'they' who owe you an apology," Kelsey wrote in the email to his friends and busines contacts.

He also said he was shutting down that account.

The actor's rep, Stan Rosenfeld, confirmed the details for E! News.

Of course, there's already plenty of bad blood between Kelsey and Camille. While Kelsey is disavowing the jerky-themed email, the episode is just the latest in an acrimonious split.

Lately the two have been engaged in a high-stakes battle for custody of their kids, with Kelsey seeking to separate his son and daughter.

And back in January, Camille insisted Kelsey was a cross-dressing kinkmeister.

"I told him he needed to be a man with me and that's all I'm going to say," she told a radio host. "Listen, I don't think he's gay, I do think he likes being with women but there's something between us that didn't click between us."

So when it boils down to it, both of them have been pretty jerky.

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