Jennifer Aniston

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Dear Ted:
People bitch if she dates and bitch if she doesn't. The woman can't win. Jennifer Aniston seems like a truly nice person. And she is so over Brad Pitt, but every time her name is brought up, somebody throws in Angelina Jolie. What is everyone's problem? Let her live her life!

Dear Aiding Aniston:
Trust, Skittle, Jen knows the jokes that get made about her—ya know, that she might as well buy cats 'cause it isn't going to work on the dating front—but she doesn't care anymore. She's used to the Brad Pitt problem and the comparisons to Ange, so she just keeps on keeping on with her life. It won't change anytime soon either.

Dear Ted:
Does Blake Lively's Vice have anything to do with her naked photos? We have established that it's actually her in the photos right? Love how she shows up to the Green Lantern premiere virtually announcing "Naked photo scandal of me? No way!" by (a) bringing her family who we've never seen before (oh what a wholesome girl I am!) and (b) dressing in virginal white and covered from neck to toe—for the first time in history. (She did not get the nickname "Boobs Legsly" for nothing).

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Dear Fakey Blakey:
Nope, Blake is still saying that the pics that are allegedly her so 100 percent aren't. But scandal schmandal, I told you she was a crafty girl. She knows exactly what to do in the limelight, tho you are pretty smart too, C, for picking up on it. Must admit, whether a blatant PR move or not, Blake was pretty dang cute with her kiddo dates. All together now: awww.

Dear Ted:
A lot of people hate LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibiran mainly for cheating on their spouses, but my question is why didn't Brad and Angie receive this kind of hate? I mean they did the same thing basically right?

Dear Déjà Vu:
Believe it or not, Angie was a lot more subtle about snatching her guy than LeAnn was. And still is. If L.R. wasn't tweeting up a storm every day, bitchin' about one thing and denying another, people might not hate on her so much. Plus, Brad and Ange were established superstars before the big breakup, so they had that to fall back on. LeAnn and Eddie? Not so much.

Dear Ted:
Is Sally Pearlsmyth dating someone or still in the market looking for Mr. Right.
—Your Latin Fan

Dear Sally Says:
No, Sally is not dating currently. At least, not seriously. How about we give the girl a bit of a boy break before she has to hit the tabloid scene again, OK?

Dear Ted:
In regard to Selena Gomez's "exhaustion," could it be mono? You know, the kissing disease?

Dear Smoochingitis:
That'd be a clever bet, babe, seeing as S and the Biebs have been swapping a serious amount of spit lately, but J.B. doesn't seem to have caught the bug (or just has a rockin' immune system). Don't think it's much more scandalous than she says, as bizarro as her excuse is.

Dear Ted:
Does Strippa Rip-Ya have any scandalous Vices herself? Drugs? Booze?

Dear Ya-Ya Vicehood:
Nope. At least nothing serious, but you wouldn't blame the poor gal for having a drink from time to time, what with having to deal with her abusive ass of a husband all the time. Hell, have two drinks, Strippa!

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