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Dear Ted:
Coming from a family of ferocious mothers, I was raised to be a strong woman, and because of that, I have found myself looking up to Angelina Jolie since my childhood. However, I'm not stupid and I can tell that ever since her relationship with Brad Pitt started, she's kept her Vices to herself and that doesn't bother me. It's part of the job description, but what I'm wondering is if all the adoption and charity work is a facade? Does she truly care or is it all about the publicity? I've heard nasty rumors about her reasons for taking in those kids and it would be a bit of bummer if they were true.

Dear Public Access:
Glad to tell you, J, that you can still worship at the altar of Saint Angelina. While A.J. does indeed have some nasty little Vices that are sure to shock, all the good deeds she does for the world are the real deal. She's a mama bear and loves helping others. The press is just the cherry on top of the sundae.

Dear Ted:
The Green Lantern premiere was yesterday and none of the Gossip Girl cast went to see Blake Lively. And where's the support for Ryan Reynolds? This movie is getting bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
—Han Nah

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Dear Green-Eyed Monster:
Please, H, did you really expect any of her Upper East Side pals would show? G.G. is hardly one of those shows where the cast is "such a close family"—tho, that's not to say there's cat fighting galore. It's all just très professional. Both Lantern stars did the family thing, Ry and his mom and Blake and her nephews. Cute, but where was Leo?

Dear Ted:
As soon as I heard about the Crystal Harris and Hef split, I wanted to know what you thought. Do you really think it was because of Hef's lifestyle? Or do you think she was never really in it for the long haul? He should have married Holly when he had the chance.

Dear Bridezilla:
Is it bad that I was a little excited for Holls when all this runaway-bride biz happened? If anyone deserved to tie the knot with H.H., it shoulda been her. But that's beside the point. Actually, I'm surprised this engagement extravaganza got as far as it did. Can't wait to see what Crystal does with all her new media buzz now!

Dear Ted:
I see that Kristen Stewart is a Blind Vice Superstar. She seems so low-key I can't image her doing something to warrant superstardom in your B.V. world.
—Naughty or Nice

Dear Keyed In:
You're thinking about it all wrong, babe! The fact that K.Stew is such a low-key lady—that she's not flaunting her privates like some of T-town's other tarts—is what makes her such a good Vicer. She's good at keeping her dirty laundry hidden, which makes it so much juicier.

Dear Ted:
Do Grey Goose and Toothy still raise Baby Tile together? How can T.T. and G.G. lie about who they are and raise a child in secrecy and expect the child to turn out OK? I worry about Baby Tile. Am I the only one?
—Hot in Houston

Dear Child Services:
Sure Baby Tile has a pretty effed-up living sitch, but at least that sitch is safely away from the glare of Hollyweird. Just think of all the kids that have to grow up with their paparazzi photos splashed on the cover of tabloids. Now that's something to worry about.

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