Cat Eating Spaghetti: Case Closed, America!

The pop-culture mystery that's kept America buzzing for 24 hours has been solved

By Peter Gilstrap Aug 20, 2008 9:55 PMTags
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There’s nothing like a cat to sieze the attention of America, but a cat eating spaghetti? Pure eyeball-grabbing gold, my friends; just take in the aftermath of the Soup’s clip of the pasta eating pussy. The Internet has been fired up with reaction, the Youtube clip has climbed to the Top 10 at ViralVideoChart.com and someone is, of course, selling T-shirts. Yet the big question of "why did the Mike and Juliet Show cut away to the cat during a conversation on binge drinking?" can now be answered.

A dedicated Soup fan who apparently works on the show wrote in: “Ages ago we did a Pet Star Search and we had a cat eating spaghetti with utensils. For whatever reason, that's now our ‘censor clip.’ What were they censored for? The crazy blond girl said the word ‘retarded.’ ” The explanation was confirmed by a Fox spokesperson, who referred to it as a “bleep photo.” Though by bleep she literally meant bleep, as opposed to “retarded photo.”