Michael Yo

Hey guys, Yo here (@itsmichaelyo). It's time I let you all in on some of my crazy hectic days. Like today for instance…  

I had four shoots over the course of seven hours, but no worries, this #blasian can do just about anything!

First up, The Smurfs. You know, the little blue guys (and one gal) with the oversized white hats and enormously big feet. Well, at 10 a.m. I was to report to Sony Pictures and watch sneak peeks of this new movie coming to theaters July 29. Later, I got the chance to interview Hank Azaria and Jayma Mays, two stars from this smurfy 3-D flick. Oh, but wait, the best part? I got to lend my voice to one of the characters. That's right, I'm not just E! talent and a budding comedian, but now I'm a voice actor! Uh, just kidding for now, but you never know. 

Following the Smurfericious shoot, I had to cruise on over to the Grove in West Hollywood...from Culver City, mind you. Little did I know this was going to be the least amount of traffic I would encounter today!

At the Grove I met up with my good buddy Nick Cannon. My God, does he look swagger considering he was up since 1 a.m. doing his radio show and then a million and one other things; um, I hope he got to hang out with his stunning wife, Mariah Carey, and his newborn twins.

Michael Yo

We discussed Opportunity Nation over a live feed on Facebook. Technology these days, incredible! Opportunity Nation is a campaign that seeks to "build a national coalition of business leaders, nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs, leading thinkers, grassroots organizations and other to support a nonpartisan/bipartisan agenda to enhance opportunity and economic mobility in America." Their website couldn't have said it better.

Nick told all those who watched the live feed about his life and how he rose to his current fame and fortune. Let's just say, a lot of hard work and determination was and still is involved. He definitely had a lot of hardships to overcome. What a strong individual and a true inspiration. 

Oh, Chelsea Handler, how I love to be roasted by you.

That's right, after finishing up with Nick Cannon and giving him a motivational high five too, I was off to tape a Chelsea Lately episode. Being a part of the round table is such an awesome experience especially when I am joined by the dazzling and witty oh and one year older today, Heather McDonald (happy birthday @HeatherMcDonald!) along with my fellow Asian Jo Koy (@Jokoy).

Michael Yo

Topics of the day: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris' devastating breakup. Yeah we don't need to go there, we all know why they broke up!

Another topic? Apparently some guy wants to find Osama bin Laden's body to verify that he is actually dead. Really? All that money to figure out something Obama told us nationally? (I don't think presidents are supposed to lie.) I do believe that money could be put to better use...cough...cough...finding Sarah Palin's brain. I mean, what? 

The roast session concluded with a bang, or I guess with the audience applauding madly; thank you, thank you, I will be back soon enough.

Jo, Heather and I then cleared the stage to make way for...Fred Durst! A new album from Limp Bizkit called Gold Cobra dropping soon, stay tuned. "I did it all for the…" Definitely got that song stuck in my head, oh the memories. 

After the show, I glanced down at my watch. I was making awesome time because it was 3:45 p.m. and I had to get to the WB lot in Burbank to interview people from the new awesome singing competition, The Voice by 4:30 p.m. Wait. Santa Monica to Burbank in 45 minutes? Maybe if I had a flying car. Audi, work on that. 

Cruising along, I hit more traffic than imaginable. Really guys, really? Two and a half hours to cover six miles. I contemplated walking, but then came to my senses. Who am I kidding? I cannot leave my precious car on the side of the road...Plus, um, yeah I'd rather but stuck in traffic then lug my 80-pound suitcase to Burbank...in 80-degree weather, mind you.

Wait did I not tell you I am going out of town (and maybe to your town) tonight? Guess not.

Well that's right, I am headed to Detroit tonight so I can visit the set and interview the cast of the new movie, Five Year Engagement, (cannot wait to hang with Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Alison Brie and Chris Pratt) and then headed to Fort Myers, Fla., to get on stage and work my comedic magic. And then I am making my way to the Big Apple! Hope I packed enough boxers. 

Finally pulling into the WB lot at, oh, 6 p.m., I booked it straight to my designated location just in time to prep for some interviews. 

Phew, what a night. The talent on that stage was awesomely ridiculous. While driving earlier, I was singing along to the radio and thought, Maybe a rap album is to come, but I put that thought to rest, because the singers on The Voice definitely made me rethink my singing abilities.

I mean really, I cannot believe Patrick was eliminated. The pipes on this kid are incredible. He has certainly turned me on to country music. After the show and the shock from the elimination, I was able to talk one on with the up-and-coming country star himself. While he was disappointed, there is no doubt in my mind, or any of The Voice judges minds, that he won't get a record deal at some point in the near future.

Perhaps they came to this conclusion of eliminating him because he did not "drop his pants" as Christina requested last week. 

After packing up all of my things, laptop, iPad, iPhone, you know. I made my way to my ride and got to the airport just in time to check in, go through security, grab a quick bite and a Coke and make my way to my gate so as to not miss my flight. Detroit, here I come. 

Phew. What an amazing day. 

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