Prince Harry, Chelsy Davy

Ben Stansall/Getty Images

Prince Harry is already dreamy because, well, he's a real-life prince. But many forget he's actually a real-life hero, too.

The red-headed royal—who already served 10 weeks in Afghanistan in 2007-08—has been cleared to return to active duty in the Royal Air Force and will likely be placed on the front lines in the country again, reports the U.K.'s Guardian.

So when would the prince leave for duty?

Likely at the end of this year, after Harry completes additonal helicopter training needed for this latest tour.

Although the Ministry of Defense would not confirm that the prince, an Apache helicopter pilot like his newlywed brother, Prince William, would return, he is said to be excited about his approaching duties.

During his last stint three years ago, Harry worked as a forward air controller and directed bomber jets targeting the Taliban.

But the brave 26-year-old was forced to return home early after news of his top-secret service broke in the news. His commanders feared that once his presence was made public, he and him and his fellow soldiers would be in greater jeopardy.

Clarence house said that Harry's redeployment was a matter for the army but did confirm that he "will deploy whenever the army chooses to send him."

"His course finishes in 2012 and after that his deployment will be a matter for the army chain of command," says a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.

Even his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, has approved his deployment.

Reluctantly, we assume.

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