Andrew Gardield, Garrett Hedlund, Kate Mara

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After the huge hullabaloo he caused by hitting the town with his On the Road costar Kristen Stewart, cutie-pie Garrett Hedlund apparently decided to keep a low profile in Hawaii with a less controversial crowd.

But he didn't break the six-degrees of separation—Garrett does know that Andrew Garfield, aka the latest Spider-Man web slinger, is buddy-buddy with K.Stew's main man, Robert Pattinson, doesn't he? Oh well, the twosome hit the beach with pals while taking time off at the 2011 Maui Film Festival, and we gotta wonder:

What the heck were they chattin' about during their ocean-side stroll?

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Maybe they were discussing some workout regimens to get in action-star shape? If so, can we watch next time you hit the gym, guys?

But we figure they were probably talking about dating in the limelight and maybe even planning which H'wood hottie each was going to hit the scene with next.

Of course you know Andy recently split with long-time GF, Shannon Woodward. The couple had been together since, like, forever in Hollywood years (which is 2008 in real time), but yes, ladies, he's single now.

Did you happen to hear our hearts just go pitter patter?

As for Garrett, he's been linked to Country Strong costar Leighton Meester, but there's been no hard evidence, so we're going to consider this just a kissing costars thing and stamp him single.

Hallelujah, right? Two way eligible dudes in one paradise-like local. We must be dreaming.

As for the other folks in the posse?

The twosome were also spotted strolling with Andy's Social Network costar Max Minghella and his gal, 127 Hours actress Kate Mara—and Kate's sister is Rooney Mara, aka the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! We totally wish she had hit the sand in her gothic glory. Woulda been a sight to see!

Hopefully we didn't totally confuse all you peeps with the webby social scene of A and G, but there's another reason we love that these two guys are getting close (and we're sure you can get behind this one): We like to stare at them.

There, we said it.

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