Neil Patrick Harris, Twitter

Dear Ted:
Was the gay daddies edition even serious? Ditch Clay because, well, he's Clay friggin' Aiken. The next two were a little tough, but do NPH, because he's so good at playing straight I figure he can act for a few hours with me. Then marry Ricky because any man who wants kids enough to adopt as a single parent, gay straight or otherwise, is good enough for me. Now here's the real question: Do any of these guys have Vices that, now that they're out and proud, are still lingering in the background?

Dear Daddy Dearest:
Disagree, K. I actually think this par-tick game was quite tough, but only because of two players. I'm with you on ditchin' Clay, tho I know there are some babes who are totally smitten with his Southern comfort. But do you do bon-bon-licious Ricky Martin or gorgeous Neil Patrick Harris? And both DILFs are worthy of a ring, so which do you wed? It's a tough call! As for Vices, I've always said being gay isn't the Vice—it's the naughty stuff they do with other guys, especially when they're on the D.L.

Dear Ted:
How about a tip for Nikki Reed's Vice? Is it from her pre-Twilight days? She seems nice, and I can hardly believe she's so young! She and Evan Rachel Wood sure seem to have been around forever, just like Kirsten Dunst and Dakota Fanning.

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Dear Reed Between the Lines:
It's from her Twilight days—not before or after, really. And it's funny you mention ERW 'cause these two former onscreen bad girls are both infamous in the world of Blind Vices. I'd even say Evan's is more delish than Nikki's, if you can believe that!

Dear Ted:
For some reason I have a feeling Sunny Sweet Cheeks is from another country and not USA-born. Could she be the adorable Emma Watson?

Dear Wacky Wizard:
Emma may be getting into a bit more trouble nowadays than when she was a sweet tot in the first Harry Potter flick, but she's not Sunny. Sunny is older and a bit wiser—and she's not in need of dates like E.W.

Dear Ted:
Since the so-called nudey pics scandal, there's been a lot of Blake Lively hate...but I have to admit, I've always liked her. I don't know if I've been duped, but I always saw her as someone who was pretty boring by Hollywood standards but just loved to play dress-up. Now Leonardo DiCaprio's a great actor, but the amount of smiles coming from him seem legit to I wrong? Do you think Blake will be the one to get Leo to settle down? I really want to see Leo become a dad!

Dear Viva DiLively:
Boring?! Hardly! Blake isn't exactly as innocent as you make her seem—she's a crafty lady who knows what she's doing in the fame game. Which is exactly why she is one of the hottest young gals in H'wood these days. As for DiLively, well, I wouldn't expect the two to buy a minivan and slap the "Baby on Board" sign up anytime soon...or ever.

Dear Ted:
Why the U-turn on Jennifer Lopez? Are you a fan now? She still comes across as a diva to me.

Dear Traffic Signals:
J to the L-O is infamous for her delish diva ‘tude. Did I ever say otherwise? But that doesn't mean I dislike the broad. And I like her more since she's landed the American Idol gig—good for her! Now if she actually bails on the series, well, I might have a few choice words for the bootylicious broad then.

Dear Ted:
JC Chasez
and Matt Morrison singing to each other live... just two guys who were in a boy band when they were young duetting on a love song or anything Vicey here?

Dear Sweet Melodies:
Definite Vices. But probably not the ones you're thinking, you clever gal, you.

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