The Killing


Nothing keeps us fearing the outside world more than when a channel announces they'll be airing a freaking marathon of our favorite shows. This time, it's Sundance Channel, and they'll be airing every episode of The Killing so everyone can prepare for the season finale on June 19.

What time do you need to put your phone on silent in anticipation of this killer marathon? Plus, someone on True Blood is about to start playing for the other team. All that, and scoop on Pretty Little Liars, Damages, and The Walking Dead in today's TV update…

On Saturday June 18 starting at 4 p.m., Sundance Channel will start airing the first six episodes of The Killing back to back until 10 p.m., and then the rest of the remaining episodes (six more) on Sunday, June 19 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. After that, you can flip the channel to AMC and catch the season one finale of The Killing! No need to go outside this weekend. No, sir.

True Blood: is reporting that a main character that was previously straight will start a same-sex relationship in the show's upcoming fourth season. Scroll on down and place your guesses in the comments on who you think will be changing it up. The winner gets the satisfaction of being right in Internet world! What's better than that?

The Walking Dead

Gene Page/ Greg Nicotero/ TWD Productions LLC

The Walking Dead: Mr. Twitter told us that season two will premiere October 21. Get ready for more braaaaaaaaains! But not for like, four more months. So relax for now.

Pretty Little Liars The season just started, so get ready to keep the mystery going with three sneak peeks of next week's episode, titled "The Goodbye Look."

Damages: Watch the trailer for season four, which premieres and will only air on DirecTV July 13. For those who aren't subscribers, may we direct you toward Friday Night Lights fans who had to endure the same thing? Of course, we got it later on NBC. Still, you guys can discuss the wait-for-DVD pain among yourselves. Speaking of...

Friday Night Lights: Because we aren't willing to accept that this show is done, we're indulging in this visit to the set of FNL where the director talks about how they created East Dillon.

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